Web Offset Printing

Web offset presses use rolls of paper versus cut sheets used on sheet fed presses. These rolls are "webbed" through the press and collected and cut in the folding unit at the end in one continuous process. The advantage is speed and in many cases, the elimination of a finishing step. Web printing becomes more and more economical as the length of run increases. The word "web" in this case has nothing to do with the internet. Our multiple web presslines provide both heatset and coldset printing.

  • With heatset printing, the ink is dried rapidly by intense forced-air heating. This process is typically used on slick paper stocks such as supercalendared (smooth, shiny, bright) and coated (glossy). Heatset printing creates crisp images, and is suited for long run lengths (100,000 copies and up).

  • With coldset presses, the ink laid down must absorb into the paper, and then dry. Therefore, coldset printing is limited to absorbent sheets such as newsprint, hi-bright newsprints, and 50# offset (i.e. copy machine paper), and is suited for short run volume (1,000 to 50,000 copies).

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